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Management points vane pump
From:admin     DateTime:2010/9/15 20:07:00

1. Pump shift change, then its suction direction is to change the provisions of the steering vane pumps are not allowed to counter. Slots are tilted because of the switch cotyledons, leaves a chamfer, leaves the bottom of the cavity with the row of oil pass, with oil pan and suction slot on the throttle, shift row mouth is based on the established design. Reversible vane pump must be designed.

2. Vane pump assembly with oil pan and the stator with the correct pin position, blades, rotor, oil pan are not fitted with anti-stator inner surface area inhaled some of the most easy to wear, if necessary, and can be flipped to install, so that the original suction zone into a discharge zone for further use.

3. Disassembly attention to the working surface clean, work should be well filtered oil.

4. Blade slot in the leaf leakage will increase the gap too big, too small then the leaves are not free stretch would result in disorder.

5. Vane pump axial clearance right ηv a significant influence.
1) mini-pump -0.015 ~ 0.03mm
2) medium-sized pumps -0.02 ~ 0.045mm

6. Temperature and viscosity of oil in general should not exceed 55 ℃, viscosity requires 17 ~ 37mm2 / s between. Oil viscosity is too difficult; viscosity is too small is a serious leakage.